Take the path to organization and productivity.


What if your space felt peaceful and uncluttered?  What would it be like to set and reach your goals?  How would your life be different if you could break free from what's holding you back?  I want you to find out!

You may feel like you should be able to do this alone, but all of us need a helping hand sometimes.  My mission is to help my overwhelmed clients clear clutter and set up systems to create calmness and productivity in their personal and professional lives.  My clients include individuals, children, and families, and I offer services in person at your home or office, and coaching by phone.

You deserve the opportunity to have someone on your team who won't judge you, who will work hard with you, and who will cheer your successes.   I hope you'll consider letting me be that person.


"These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb."

— Najwa Zebian




I work with clients to enhance their lives through organization, elimination of excess, and personal and professional goal achievement.  Multiple services are available to meet your specific needs.

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It's ok if you don't know a lot about professional organizing and coaching.  Here I'll answer some frequently asked questions. 

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Your decision to make an investment in organizing your life is a big step.  You can take advantage of package rates for discounts up to 10%.

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Fontaine Organizing

Rachel Fontaine is a professional organizer and coach who specializes in residential and small business organizing and productivity.


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Let's talk about your specific needs and how I can help. Take advantage of a free initial consultation. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!