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Service Areas

On-Site Organizing: Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts, Litchfield County Connecticut

(401) 559-2079 - (860) 325-2079


Home Organization

Decluttering— Overwhelmed by too much "stuff". 

Specific Rooms—Organize your belongings in various rooms, including your bedrooms, closets, living areas, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Kids— Your kids may have a different organizational style than you.  I can help them discover the best organizing methods for them so that they can learn the skills early that will help them throughout their lives.  Plus, with less mess, you'll feel less stress!

Downsizing— Identifying which of your possessions are most important and should have a place in your new living space.


Office Organization

Home— You need a space that functions and leads to productivity.  Decluttering and organizing will make working at home easier.

Business— Whether your whole business office needs organization and systems, or just your individual office or cubicle, I can help.  We can organize, manage your paper clutter, and create systems to help your workday run smoothly.


Finances and Budgeting

Finances— Paying bills on time and keeping your files organized.  Determine assets and liabilities. Create a debt reduction and savings plan.

Budgeting and Spending— You'll create a spending plan that fits with your specific financial resources and goals, and learn strategies for staying on track and being successful with money.

Time Management and Productivity

Personal— Everyone gets 24 hours a day.  If you feel you don't have enough time or aren't spending your time on the "right" things, I can help you create a plan to manage the time you have in a way that supports your values and goals. I can also help you maximize your potential by creating and reaching goals related to your career, relationships, finances, health, fitness, and other life areas.

Business— Create systems to get more accomplished, meet deadlines, and improve your work.

Accountability— If you find that you need someone counting on you in order for you to get things done, then coaching is a great solution for you.  It will give you the structure and accountability that you need for success.

ADHD— The core impairments of ADHD are often planning, time management, goal setting, organization, and problem solving.  We'll work together to find solutions that will create success for you.